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Read real testimonies from real pet-parents.

Sunday, Oct 1 was the 18 month anniversary of when we found out Gigi had cancer. We were devastated when the vet said 'enjoy your time with her as she would only be around for another few weeks or maybe a month or 2'. It's a good thing we didn't listen to them because we've had 2 great summers and plan to have a few more.


We did everything we could to help our sweet girl and made a trip to Saskatoon Vet College. This, we felt, was our last hope (or so we thought). As we feared they gave us little hope and few options. While there, Jackie had a conversation with another pet parent who was looking into hemp oil and alternative measures. That started our research and led us to FurBabies. We feel VERY strongly that your products have played a pivotal role in her improvement and eventual recovery! 


One thing for sure that is helping is we give the FurBabies tincture about 30 mins before her meals. This has definitely increased her appetite, which had been a concern. She eats her meals much better now and most of the time without any fuss, which is a significant turnaround. It also really appears to help with pain management and general happiness/well being.


To the uninformed, when Gigi meets her good friend Dutch, she looks like a dog sort of playing with another dog. So what, no big deal. However, we know that just a few months ago she was very lethargic, had difficulty getting up from a lay down position, was very very cautious going upstairs, and when she did walk it was slow and almost robot like (stiff). Her head was mostly down (not sniffing... just sort of sad). Now... WOW, you can see the difference! Gigi sometimes acts like a puppy again - just this morning she was rolling around in the grass, on her back, feet flailing in the air. It was so good to see that! We cannot put it in words how happy we are.

Thank you for helping!

Doug, Jackie, and Gigi

Just as a follow up letter to let you know that your product is awesome pawsome!! We have settled on the dosage of 0.5ml and it is working great. She is doing really well with asthma, just a few bouts now and then (but it is springtime). I am so happy I found the unflavoured one as she seems to take that better than anything flavoured. :-) As with any pet parent, I was hesitant to start with a new product when we had finally found something that would work for her. But getting on to your product was better than expected.

(Note: The drops are not the only things she is taking for asthma. I just don't want to mislead anyone. She still takes prednisolone and theophylline, but I was able to really back down on the prednisolone which was the real bonus - to be able to cut back at least half on the steroids. I actually had weaned her down to almost nothing but had to up it again and she has major gastric issues. Not one thing but another. *sigh* Poor kitty.)


Thank you!

Sandy & Frankie

We just wanted to thank you so much for helping us get the correct dose to start Rosie off.

Rosie is already feeling much better. She is thanking us often by licking us and wagging her tail (this is new). Her mood and energy level is much improved and her great big toothy smile is adorable and also new.


It’s so touching to watch the improvement and to know we could help. She is such a good friend we don’t want to see her suffer needlessly. Many thanks for taking the time. 


We love this product.

Rosie, Brenda & Virgil

I see an improvement in Sophie, my snow-loving dog!  More bounce in her step and her appetite seems improved...less finicky.  This product really has amazing results on my 17-year-old Schnauzer!  


We all thank you!

Sophie, Tracy & Glenn

I just thought I'd give you an update on Maverick. He has been great these last 3 1/2 weeks with no whimpering when he gets up and we have actually increased pace when we go for our walks.


Maverick & Terry


We are so grateful to FurBabies for giving my dog products that have not only helped her, but have kept her alive. 


Kelsey is 17 years old, and was diagnosed with kidney disease and heart disease years ago. We began giving her natural treatments which improved/maintained her conditions. 


However, a year ago Kelsey began having strokes and seizures. We started giving her the oral drops (which she looks forward to every day). The oil has kept her seizures at bay, and when she does have one, it helps her come out of it within seconds to minutes and her recovery time is exceptional. A dog that has these health conditions and has such an extraordinary recovery at 17 yrs old is a miracle. The drops have helped her recovery, maintenance, given her energy, improved her appetite, less pain and reduced her anxiety exceptionally. The fact of how much it's helped with her seizures is amazing! 


I have heard countless vets/specialists tell me that they don't know how much longer she can live and that I should think of her quality of life. I listened to my gut and continued taking care of her and giving her your products. My advice to anyone who loves their pets is to give them a try, you will not be disappointed and only wonder why you didn't try it earlier.  My dog was active at 16 and I think it's proof that we are doing something right!! :) Keep in mind that I only recommend a product if I stand by it 100%. The staff is always a pleasure to talk to and are always very compassionate and helpful. Thank you for saving my dog's life!!!!



Kelsey, Jessica & Octavio


Our senior princess Chloe had very sore, weak back legs. She now can run and play with our 2 young dogs again!! It's been truly life changing for our family. Thank you again!


Chloe & Kelly



My doggie Sandy, a Bichon/Yorkie cross, will be 13 in January.  In late April he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in his liver, or whatever was left from the tumor removal two years ago. The specialist vets' advice was to enjoy Sandy for the few weeks he’ll be around which is better than “having him die on my table”.


Sandy gradually stopped eating and did not want to go even for short walks. He was in great pain and in June I considered to put him down. Then I came across an article about hemp oil. Sandy is 24 lbs. and has been on the medication twice daily 0.50 ml, with food. He is happy as can be, goes for walks twice a day and eats well. I cannot thank your team enough for giving me my Sandy back for the last 5 months so far. What a great product! I would bet that the medication controls not only the pain but the cancer is now in remission. Knock-on-wood!


Thomas and Sandy



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